“More than ever I feel your friendship and support and look forward to communion together in the Body of Christ, because whenever you sit down to prayer, you’re in communion and union with everyone else, past or even future people who haven’t even been born yet.”

Father Thomas Keating

As a non-profit spiritual community, Contemplative Outreach of Maryland and Washington relies on financial support from members to allow us to continue to grow. Our income comes from selling books on spiritual topics at our events, conducting workshops, speaker series, special events and retreats and through financial gifts from our donors.

In addition to furthering our vision through teaching Centering Prayer and supporting those on the contemplative spiritual journey, COMW expenses include, web site maintenance, small stipends for workshop and program presentations and provide partial scholarships to our events for those who ask.

Like other chapters, when financially possible, COMW donates a portion of its proceeed to the International Resource Center of Contemplative Outreach, Ltd. Through your generosity, Centering Prayer can continue to find its way into new lives every day. Please keep our work in your heart and prayers.

To donate by mail

Make check out and mail to:

Contemplative Outreach of Maryland and Washington
4000 Cathedral Avenue NW
Apt 736 B
Washington, DC 20016

To Donate Online

PayPal is offered as a convenience to you, but when possible, we encourage you to pay by check. Contact Martha Johnston for specific instructions for contributions of $200 or more.


IMPORTANT: All information provided with your gift is strictly confidential and will never be exchanged with another organization or sold to anyone for other use. You may rest assured that we value your support and would not put you or your identity in jeopardy.